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InteractiveVideo: Demo video

InteractiveVideo is the tool to explain the power of interactive video solutions. In the video above we explain how interactive video can be used and what the interactive features are.

VSB Fons: Interactive Annual Report

In 2014 VSB decided to present it’s annual report to their target audience via an Interactive Animation Video. Via so-called clickable areas the viewers can skip easily true the animation video, which leads to more and longer engagement levels. The reactions of VSB’s on this annual report where overwhelming.

Oxxio: Interactive Personalized Video

New Oxxio customers receive after their registration an Interactive Personalized welcome video with more information about energy prices and the terms and conditions. At the end of the video the interactive features where used to download the Oxxio App directly from the video player.

KNB: Interactive Annual Report

The annual report of the Dutch KNB was presented via an interactive video. In this video the KNB presented their results by making use of interactive chapters.

ABN AMRO: Interactive Guide

In the ABN Amro interactive Gifting Guide the viewers can decide for themselves by clicking directly in the video. Depending on the viewer’s choice and/or the information that they complete, they are automatically directed to relevant information and follow-up options. Recommendations are compiled automatically by combining the answers they give.