Easy & Comprehensive

  • A comprehensive solution
  • No need to install software
  • Several interactive types


Reliable & Flexible

  • Proven robust technology
  • Viewers can set it up themselves
  • For all video formats


Measurable success

  • Comprehensive reports
  • Higher engagement and CTR
  • Higher sales conversion rates

Interactive Video: The viewer at the controls

With interactive video, viewers can decide for themselves by clicking directly in the video. This leads to more engagement (90% watch the video to the end), longer engagement (up to 10 minutes) and considerably higher CTRs (5 to 12%) and sales conversion rates (380% growth).*

Depending on the viewer’s choice and/or the information that they complete, they are automatically directed to relevant information and follow-up options. Recommendations are compiled automatically by combining the answers they give, as can be seen in the ABN AMRO Schenkwijzer (Guide to gifting).

Depending on the recommendation given, the viewer may be advised to get in touch with your organisation or to leave his or her contact details. It is also possible to share the video and the final recommendation via social media.


* Source: Forrester Research: Move beyond Awareness With Interactive Video

Save on customer care costs

Obviously you can use interactive videos for other purposes. As a medium, it lends itself perfectly for solving (complex) issues. Here we have in mind solving problems that occur when installing IT products. The viewer is presented with a solution straight away simply by watching and answering questions in an interactive video. This means that customers will be less inclined to get in touch with your customer service department, and so your customer care costs will drop.